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A cafe in a perfect location, surrounded by
blue skies, the sparkling sea, and green nature.
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About Cafe Earth
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Welcome to Cafe Earth’s Baked Goods:

Our Cafe’s concept (delicious, healthy, organic & chemical free)
was the main idea used when we made our baked goods.
It all started when the baked goods we sold in our cafe
were popular enough with our customers that they wanted to
give them to their friends and acquaintances.
So we decided to sell them online as well!

Natural local ingredients from Fukui.

Koshino-Okashi are made from ingredients grown from the beautiful bountiful nature of the Koshino Area along the Echizen coast in Fukui Prefecture. These baked goods have been created with two goals in mind: that they are both delicious and good for your body, using organic ingredients without added chemicals or additives. The main ingredients of these baked goods are a combination of organic flour and organic rice flour. The organic rice flour is made from carefully cultivated rice grown from “Tambo no Tenshi” in Echizen. The baked goods have unique ingredients harvested from a rare area of rich fishing grounds along the Echizen coast, as well as the Echizen area.

From our kitchen, we’ve created these 8 originals:

A variety of 8 different baked goods perfect for family and friends Baked goods can be made relatively quickly, but take quite a long time when every detail is carefully planned. In order for our products to be good enough for our valued customers, it was a very difficult but fun process. We tested out many versions, over and over. But it's done !
All of these baked cookies and crackers are delicately flavored, each distinct and delicious.

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Made in this kind of cafe:

Q: Is there a perfect place and condition to make baked goods?
Perhaps if there is a properly equipped kitchen supplied with all the necessary tools and appliances, baked goods can be made anywhere… but… our baked goods are made in a cafe’s kitchen, surrounded by a beautiful view. Delicious treats, fantastic drinks, and an amazing view can be enjoyed all at once. It’s truly wonderful!

The baked goods are not only sold online, but can also be enjoyed at our cafe; Cafe Earth. Cafe Earth offers a mainly vegetarian menu that is not only enjoyed by locals in and around Fukui prefecture, but also by guests and customers from all parts of Japan and the world. The cafe is located on a hill overlooking a beautiful view of the sea that stretches out for miles below. We never get tired of the spectacular views, even seeing them everyday.

To conclude, we would like to give our thanks and appreciation to you, for choosing our baked goods from the many many available out there. From each ingredient, each cookie and cracker, our staff has made our baked goods with love and care.
We hope that you enjoy these baked goods!

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