Cafe Earth

A cafe in a perfect location, surrounded by
blue skies, the sparkling sea, and green nature.

A place you can recommend to your family, friends, and more; “Mugen-an Stay Earth”!

A traditional Japanese style two story house located right next to the cafe. The first floor has two rooms, each approximately 200 square feet, which can be combined into a single large room. From the entrance, there is a long hallway with a view of the garden, and at the far end is the mini kitchen, and large bathroom with a spectacular view of the sea. The second floor opens up to a mini kitchen, a Japanese tatami room approximately 160 square feet in size, a smaller living room (117 square feet), bathroom, and balcony with a view of the sea. The entire guest house can be rented for 2-7 people. More people are permitted to stay, but we only have up to 7 sets of futons for bedding. Please enquire if you would like to rent for more than 7 people.

Our wooden guest house, Mugen-an Stay Earth, has been built on the side of the Echizen Coast in the birthplace of the Echizen daffodils. The house was built with specially selected wood, and offers a serene and tranquil experience.

A spacious garden facing the sea. You can enjoy yoga, dance, and exercise with light and peaceful music here. You can also borrow our BBQ grill located here.

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